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Saturday, December 30, 2006

well, there it goes, christmas is over ( yet another one ). sigh, is it me or that telling strangers about my private life is absolutely weired? yes, i guess so, after reading HER blog, it certainly lowered my self-esteem. i'm still doubting whether if i should continue this stupid, 'no-one's-gonna-read' blog. it's just stupid writing my daily life, exposing my privacy. hmm, maybe i should stop writing anymore. still, it heartens me to see the person i had a liking on with another person.... STOP!

why am i saying this things. yes, i know my typing improved, thanks to the sensitivem easy to press key board, but hey, must i say what, and how i feel bout him. oh nevermind, there's still fishes that haven't been caught.

larlar... :) being a person who is afraid of boredom, i decided to send jia le a letter, i wrote it 2 days ago ( i suppose ). wrote bout ba kwa- chinese beef jerky, some thing bout cupcake and some stupid things. she called me and said she'll sent back a letter.

while talking bout some silly things, jia le said that there's some new school rules ( to my horror, i know how u feel at first, but wait.... ) , i thought it was something more stricter, and the fact bout no handphones. but hey, i never thought that bloody old finally agree on something GOod! mind you, blogs are my free will, i get to write what i want, though this is not verbal abuse or anything harsh. mr ong ( i think, or is it the prefects/ mr razak- did i spell correctly? ) allow us to bring handphones. not a big yay fer me, actually in my opinion i find that new 'rule' (or what ever so ), pretty disturbing!

yes, many students might be happy bout the whole idea, but have you people think about the consequences??? have you thought but the poor chilidren who hasent eaten chicken before . oopes, that doesnt come in. but what i mean is that what is the same problem occurs in prcs? what if everyone start smsing and playing hps none stop during lessons! oh how terrible....

ok, back to the topic, yes handphones in school may have advantages and the dis's... let's see-shall we?

the goods
1) students do not have the trouble finding a 10cent coin to use public phone
2) do not have to share that stinky smelly salivary phone
3) sms?
4) games when bored in class?
that's all i can think of

the bads
1) cant concentrate in lessons
2) irritating rings
3) wanna bees taking PHOTOS here and there
4) video taking
5) using phones to make porn
6) parenoid parents calling now and then
7) sms?
8) the public phone will have no money to earn( since everyone has their own phone )
9) the public phone will be clean ( is that bad or good? )
10)people with phone will act cool while those does not will be jealous

you get it??????

ok i know what i wrote today was crapp but hey, at last i posted

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

hi guys, ive finally posted.. haha sorry bout that. btw, its so sad, nobody is visting me!!!
ok christmas is just over and i got my gifts( this is the list )

1> mum got me a pair of OUTRA beee-uuu-t-fullll glittering maryjanes. green ones.
2> then dad got me that book i wanted( marley and me, i'll explain later on )
3> melissa got me a cute kitty hairband, hand made and also some notebks
4> CHARLENE didnt get me anything, but she is forgiven becus she invited me over to make
cup cakes
5> neither did jia le, or anyone else!!!
oh nevermind...

here i found from youtube bout the movie( as written in the book ), 'the last homerun' which feature the cute lil( not quite )lab, marley.

*"These are the scenes of Marley, the subject of the bestselling book, "Marley & Me: life and love with the world's worst dog" by John Grogan. Marley's appears in these scenes from the only movie he ever appeared in. Look in the background in the first part. Then when in the car, listen for his heavy panting in the audio and then he will appear in the latter part of that scene and will be full frame when they arrive. Next listen for his barking when the mother, Jenny and Jonathan are talking. And then he will jump into the back of the minivan and the mother will close the door on him. The last part is the credits with Marley the Dog listed under "The Neal Family"."*

*from the video itself...

if your'e interest in the book ( i think u'll like it ), please ask me. :) cheers plus happy new year!

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


so damn sorry i didnt post. though i intended to. all because of that stupid virus. good thing my dad was here to fix it. z.z.z.

anyways, mum was like kept threatening me about that class chalet lo. keep saying that i cant go. chou de. but i finally got my pencil case. hahah...

then also, got charlene's bday preasent. lols.

zzzzz nothing to say. shit lar....

hahahha im still laughing at gina's face. jia le should look at her....

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

here are some pictures from my phone...

gine looks stupid in this one, no offence.... lol
my darling sharpei
jaslin and jia le, way back in june 2006....

hey guys... sorry i didnt post yesterday. i was busy editing the template

yes, i went to vivo city yesterday. it was shit crowded!!! worst than tampines ikea. seriously the design of vivocity looks very similar to jusco the shopping mall in J.B. i wonder why....


it really was soooo crowded

today i will post a really small one because im too contented to play games... hahhha...

so here goes- good bye lols

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Friday, December 01, 2006

hey people, me again!

iv'e visted the new ikea tampines today( note to charlene; that's why noone answer your call ). mum and i took bus 168 ( it'snt it great? im giving you road guide, in case you really want to go ikea tampines :) )and arrive there around 4 pm. it was hell lot crowded!!!! but this one is so much bigger then the one in alexandra road...

when we arrive there, we're welcomed by 2 RED hearts ( there's someone in it of course ) you know those hearts you see in ikea commercial??? then, the people there gave us FREE soft toys... lol. mum and i ended up taking turns to collect them; they only give each person one. we collected 6 in total.

we also brought something for sharpei, a lovely basket for her to snuggle in, when she's tired. i had an alarm clock and we also brought some other stuff.

we ate dinner there. even though it's really crowded, i enjoyed it! the food is delicious, esp the chocolate mousse, and the price is really reasonable. you guys should try it!!!

ok, i have to go now... see you tomorrow!

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Thursday, November 30, 2006

hello, so here i am, posting right now,

hang on for a few minutes, i'm going down to buy some food...

.... ok, im back with a packet of food...sigh...

for the past few weeks, i have completed all my homework, now i'm stress-free, that's good right? No, not exactly, i'm suffering from boredom!!! it' so boring at home, of course i have the choice to go out but how? when my over protective mother ( yes,i know she loves me alot ) kept shielding me. gosh oh gosh... damn it

mum has been thinking whether i should go to the class chalet anot, reasons?
1->" have you read the newspaper lately?"
me says: well yes i know about the kidnapping stuff...

2->"ok, then have you think you got the responsibilities to allow you?"
me says: that's quite right, but plssssssss, i promise i will be responsible!!!!

thinking in my thoughts: ok fine, im gonna show you how responsible i am.

so there goes, today was the first day the responsible thing goes,
i woke up at 9am, ate my breakfast and i decided to go to bed or 15mins...
( i usually wake up at 11am, that's the problem my mum argue....)

it's already a bad begainin so no point going on; ive broke the first 'so called' responsible values already- getting up late and not doing the things i promised myself...

gotta eat dinner now( my lousy $2.80 packet of rice )


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